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Personal Training


Here's some information for you to learn more about our BODY WORKS PROGRAM.

It is a program designed to transform your life.  A specific program created to help you to reach your full health potential!

It combines exercise and healthy eating to reboot your current habits and help to make them healthier.  


RULE #1:  “You can’t put fitness on dysfunction.”  - Physical Therapist, Gray Cook

 The number one goal we should all have with 0UR exercise program is to prevent injury.  This comes before any goal of fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, or performance enhancement. If you get hurt, then none of those goals even matter because you can’t train.  

  There is a need to EVALUATE “human movement” prior to exercise and personal training. Without a quality assessment and determination of whether baseline movement is acceptable and symmetrical, there is risk for injury.  

 The objective of the FMS Screen is to determine movement deficiency and uncover asymmetry.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an assessment system. It is essentially a quick and easy way to screen fundamental movement before you train it. If you train with a baseline of a poor quality of movement, the risk for injury is significantly increased. If, however, you correct baseline movement in a methodical corrective exercise strategy prior to advancing performance training, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.  

  FMS Screen is simple, but highly reliable and effective. The main benefits for getting a screen include: 

  1. Identifying individuals at risk for injury.
  2. Implementing a corrective exercise strategy to improve or normalize functional movement patterns.
  3. Providing a tool to monitor progress in dynamic or changing fitness programs.
  4. Establishing a functional movement baseline for appropriate exercise programming.

 There are 7 Test in the FMS Screening

The seven tests require a balance of mobility and stability. Mobility and stability are the essential elements of the movement patterns in the FMS. If there are limitations in either, the FMS will reveal them.  Once the FMS has revealed a dysfunction, if there is one, an appropriate exercise strategy can be implemented to correct the problem. This is part of the magic of the FMS and corrective exercise system.  

 History of FMS Screening

The system was developed by Physical Therapist, Gray Cook in approximately 2001. The goal was to use the screen to add insight to movement problems that would ultimately lead to the best exercise choices and program design for individuals that would minimize risk of injury.

 The FMS is designed for all healthy, active people and for healthy, inactive people who want to increase physical activity. It is designed for those that do not have pain or injury. 

There is a saying that “something is only as strong as its weakest link.” The FMS strives to identify the weak link and correct it. The FMS looks at fundamental movement patterns, which are the foundation for fitness and performance.

                                         BETTER MOVEMENTS=BETTER HEALTH!


 Initial 2 day evaluation and review of findings……………$75

        DAY ONE       
            Complete Consult
            Body fat assessment
            Functional Movement Screen
            BMI assessment
            Hip to waist analysis
            Blood pressure and pulse
       DAY TWO
            Full report of findings
            Personalized wellness plan

 Follow up evaluations per evaluation…………………….…..$45 

 Functional movement personal training per session….…..$40 

 Functional movement training sessions packages
2 days a week training $199 per month  Averages to be $25 per training session
1 day a week training $120 per month  Averages to be $30 per training session

This is an opportunity for you to literally change your life for the rest of your life. We know you'll get on board ASAP. Just call our office today and make an appointment to get started at 651-267-0394. Also feel free to visit us at 104 Burnside Avenue S. Red Wing, MN  55066.

Yours in health,
Body Works Staff


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